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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


General Questions

    • What is the difference between the US version of jExacter (jExacter2U) and the European one (jExacter1E, jExacter2E)?
      • The only difference is that in the European version the decimal-point is comma and the digit group separator is a point.
    • Are there any pre-conditions before installation of jExacter?
      • Yes. You have to check for existence of a folder C:\Program Files (C:\Program Files (x86) in the case of 1Ecater2U/2E) on you computer. If not, you have to create it. Without the Program Files folder the application (especially the full version) could not function correctly.
    • What does the customer really pay for via Kagi?
      • The customer pays for the basic version, limited to 6 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal logarithm and any base logarithm, as well as for the mode CASH REGISTER. Once the payment in the period of 31 days made, the customer has possibility of the "Full version activation" (Help menu), which is local (no need to be connected to the internet), totally free and gives him access to all functions, presented in "Why jExacter" and "Read Me".
    • Thanks to Kagi's License Code Lookup I have my initial 7 digit number back. Meanwhile there is some problem - jExacter does not accept it and warns that "the activation is not possible, because (...)". What should I do?
      • First close the application.
      • In the case of jExacter (jExacter1E) go to the folder C:\Program Files and delete the jexdll (jexEdll) text file.
      • Then go to the C:\Program Files\jExacter (jExacter1E) folder and delete four text files: cos, sin, vir, wla.
      • Then launch jExacter and execute the "Full version activation" from the Help menu of the application.
      • In the case of 1Exacter2U (jExacter2E) do the same with the C:\Program Files (x86) folder.
    • For some reason, maybe for exceeding the period of 31 days for purchase, I cannot realize the "Full version activation". jExacter still warns that "the activation is not possible, because ...". As I have the original 7 digit Kagi's number, I decided to download and install the application once again. Without any result. What can I do?
      • The same as above.
    • Important:
      • Maybe, when downloading and executing any application from this Website, Windows7, Norton or any other "guard" will find a danger. In fact, there is no danger for "System configuration", etc. So you should simply ignore this warning.


    First Steps

    • Usually I enter what I have to calculate, ex. 654 + 123, and press Enter. Now, if I do the same, jExacter does not react.
      • "Enter" key is intended for validation of formulas and arguments in the corresponding windows only. To execute any calculation from a validated formula, you should go to the Exec menu and choose Run or Run & Report (Ctrl-R for Run or Ctrl-T for Run & Report). The only exception is in the mode CASH REGISTER, where Enter is used to add consecutive amounts and operation results.

    • How to calculate (tg(pi/2+x)+y)/z ?
      • Step by step:
        1. Use 'Formula entry' from the menu Formula or press CTRL-U or simply click into Formula window. There is a text editor in the Formula window that becomes yellow.
        2. Type (tg[pi/2+x]+y)/z or simply pi/2+x, select it, press the 'tg' key in the System Keyboard, add "+y", select all, click on '()' just under the Formula window and finally add "/z".
        3. Validate the formula by clicking on 'OK' or doing ENTER.
        4. Use 'Arguments entry' from the menu Arguments or press CTRL-W. The Formula window returns to white whereas Arguments window becomes yellow. The first variable, "pi", is ready to receive the value.
        5. If the value should be pi=3.14, simply type "pi" (the same for constant 'e' when required) and press "Enter" or click on 'OK'. The windows presents the next variable, 'x', ready to receive its value.
        6. Type the value, e.g. "0.000000001" or "e-9". Press "Enter" or click on 'OK'. If you wish to save it, click on 'Save'.
        7. Repeat the action for all variables from the formula.
        8. If you need to modify some variable, you can access it directly - use 'Argument selection' from the menu Arguments or press CTRL-G and type the variable name into the little window just under the Argument window. Press "Enter".
        9. To calculate, use 'Run' or 'Run & Report' from the menu Exec or simply press CTRL-R / CTRL-T.
    • I would like to know how many primes are there in 1,250,000 to 10,000,000.
      • To know it you can apply function pra[i;j], where i,j are limits of the range. As a result of pra[1250000;10000000] you will find a liste of all primes in the range <1250000,10000000> in the report, with the number of primes=568,110 closing the list.

    • I would like to study the prime gaps, i.e. the differences between two succesive prime numbers. Is it possible with jExacter?
      • Yes, certainly. Simply run the function prn[mo[n+1;1]]-prn[mo[n;1]], with initial value n. At every execution you will obtain a consecutive gap. Choose the mode 'Run & Report', so you will have the number of every execution in the report.


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